Couples Counseling

Falling in love is easy, but what it takes to stay in love or recapture the love that has been bogged down or alienated by years of unresolved issues, resentments, disappointments or betrayal is an entirely different matter.   At Windsor Counseling Services, I have had the priviledge to help many couples in Northern Colorado, both married and unmarried, work through the issues that are holding their relationship back and create a space in which desired connection and intimacy can grow and thrive.

Couples enter in to therapy for a variety of reasons.  Whether you are seeking to improve your relationship through better communication, manage conflict calmly and constructively, work through issues of attachment or codependency, build or enhance emotional and/or physical intimacy, recover from an affair, or improve your chances of fostering a fulfilling and enduring marriage through pre-marital counseling, couples therapy can be invaluable.

Much of the tools and sensibilities I bring to my work with couples comes from what I have learned from experts like John and Julie Gottman, Terry Real, and Esther Perel who each bring a unique and complimentary approach that has guided and continues to enrich and deepen my work with couples.

Long-term, committed partnerships can be challenging, and keeping our relationship mutually satisfying over time takes effort and reciprocity.   When we bring the right attitude, communicate effectively, and honor ourselves and each other - our committed relationships can be a place where we experience a deep sense of belonging and joy.  I am honored to join with the couples I serve to facilitate healthy and happy partnerships that can last a lifetime.

If you are considering couples counseling in Windsor, CO, please give me a call at (970) 545-0402 for a free phone consultation.